Autistics For Sale

I have noticed a worrying trend lately. People trying to turn Autistic people into a “market”. Late last year there was a conference which at first glance seemed like it was for Autistic people. It wasn’t. It was for people who are selling services and products to Autistic people or their caregivers. One talk was … Continue reading Autistics For Sale

Autistic Reopening

I’ve written about how I have absolutely loved lockdown. I think we should make it a yearly event. Maybe just a couple of weeks. Maybe instead of bank holidays. Panic buying wouldn’t be a thing, because we would know when it was happening and for how long. But people have shown they won’t follow the … Continue reading Autistic Reopening

My Dog Is Autistic

People tell me “Oh, but it’s okay for you to advocate for Autistic people, you’re higher functioning! You’ve got it easier than non verbal Autistics!” This annoys me. By that definition, my dog is a non verbal Autistic person. She has wants and desires. Even if they are mostly to do with her pork chew. … Continue reading My Dog Is Autistic


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